About Fortis      Jeff Dahlgren is the vision behind Fortis Photo, a culinary-centric studio in Chicago.Fortis is a boutique operation which provides the flexibility to execute single to multi-day photography productions in an efficient, economical way. It also means that your deadline will be my deadline, and my creative team will ensure that every part of the process is done with care, passion and technical proficiency. In short, we aim to make the photo shoot the easiest part of your creative campaign.
About the studio     The 3,000 sq ft Fortis Photo studio is located 10 minutes from downtown Chicago, just off the Kennedy Expressway. The space offers multiple shooting bays, restaurant quality commercial kitchen, styling station, in-house prop room housing a collection of backgrounds and kitchen props and dedicated conference and lounge spaces stocked with art and cuisine books for inspiration. The space is wet capable, and has a loading dock with garage door access providing us with the ability to accommodate anything from beer splashes to meat smokers.
About Jeff       Half artist, half technician, I strive to serve enticing, impactful photographs. Whether the imagery is highlighting a small subtle food texture, showcasing your product in a unique way, or profiling the chefs who make the magic happen, know that it will be produced in a collaborative, detail-oriented, inspired environment because I truly believe Ansel Adams had it right when he said “You don’t take a photograph. You make it.”

Please email me if you’d like to know more, see more, or simply want to share your favorite recipe.
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